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Latest Telemedicine Blog Posts

The Expanding World of Remote Patient Monitoring

We have seen in recent years, a lot of interest in remote patient monitoring, particularly for chronic disease care. To understand why we will turn to numbers. Let’s dive in.

ATA Comments on CMS 2022 PFS Proposed Rule

On September 1st, 2021, American Telemedicine Association (ATA) has submitted and shared their response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid 2022 Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule. In the submission, they provided valuable comments to some of the key items including the in-person requirement for certain telemental health services, allowing additional providers to provide telehealth services to eligible patients, appropriate technologies that can be used to access and provide telehealth services, an extension of Category 3 services, and remote physiological and therapeutic monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring shows promising results in COVID-19 treatment

The recently published early results of the Kaiser Permanente Southern California COVID-19 home monitoring study show high effectiveness in preventing hospital admissions and improved recovery times.

CMS telehealth proposed coverage expansion

During the pandemic, many patients and providers got a chance to experience the benefits of telehealth. While this opportunity was

Patient feedback on telehealth usage during COVID-19

In order to understand the impact of this sudden shift in telehealth usage due to COVID-19, the research team led by professionals from Mayo Clinic, ATA, DiMe, and other prestigious medical institutions have conducted an impact study focusing on three main areas of interest – telehealth insurance claims, direct physician feedback, and direct patient feedback.

What COVID taught us about remote patient care

Our whole lives we are taught that in order to get adequate care we need to make that trip to a hospital or a clinic and have a long wait in the waiting room - all for approximately 15 minutes of the provider’s time. After such a visit, it is not uncommon that we ask ourselves – could I have saved myself a trip and took care of this at home?
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