Asynchronous Consultations available through Vivabot

During the COVID-19 public health emergency different modes of telehealth have become rapidly adopted and utilized to provide adequate care to the millions of patients across the country. For many, the first thought when the word telehealth is mentioned is a live video interaction between the provider and the patient. However, telehealth understands many different technologies and tools that can help deliver care remotely and digitally.  

Asynchronous telehealth understands the mode of telehealth that does not include real-time interaction between provider and patient, but rather obtaining data from the patient that the provider can review. Such interaction gives both providers and patients the flexibility to communicate effectively without the need to preschedule sessions, at their own convenience while achieving the same results. The self-service approach allows patients to demand the care when they need it, putting the patient in charge of their health. In most cases, asynchronous visits are also time-savers for both patients and providers, as the interaction can be completed in as little as 3 minutes, compared to a typical 20-minute in-person visit.

After a year in the telehealth market with a primary focus on high-quality video interactions, Vivadox is happy to announce the expansion to offer more telehealth capabilities to our customers. We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our growing offering of telehealth toolsasynchronous consultations.

Asynchronous consultations have been designed to give both patients and providers flexibility in requesting and providing care. Patients can request a consultation at any time of the day through the Vivabot embedded on the provider’s website. After the initial patient intake, the patient interaction will continue through text messages, which alleviates the need for good internet connectivity to receive adequate care.

If at any time provider feels like they need to connect on a video call, they can simply send an Express Connect link to the patient and connect instantly. The asynchronous consultations feature comes with the ability to generate and send payment links to the patients at any point during the consultation.

Asynchronous consultations can be a valuable addition to your practice and can help accelerate digital care delivery. Provide care at your own convenience, while also creating more capacity by having more efficient interactions with your patients.

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