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Regulations Governing Telemedicine

What are the regulations governing Telemedicine

Telemedicine requires following the same protocols and standards as defined in HIPAA for any in-person visit. For Telemedicine to be
Build relationship with Patients by using Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology between patients and healthcare professionals for the purposes of health evaluations leading to
Telemedicine Success Stories

Is Telemedicine expensive?

Telemedicine is part of Telehealth which is generally regarded as the larger umbrella of all digital health services beyond clinical
Regulations Governing Telemedicine

Assessing your needs and choosing the correct Telemedicine platform

There are many synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine solutions available. It is important to correctly identify and assess your needs as
Build relationship with Patients by using Telemedicine

Designing an optimal workflow with Telemedicine

In order to best utilize telemedicine tools and capabilities, you need to make sure they are adapted to and implemented
Medical technology concept. Doctor working with mobile phone and stethoscope and digital tablet laptop

Tips for successful adoption of Telemedicine

After the implementation, the work is not done. In order to assess any gaps and improve, it is important to