Free Plan with Unlimited HD Video on a HIPAA compliant Telehealth Platform

The unexpected global outbreak of COVID-19 has undeniably influenced the increased usage and awareness of telehealth in providers and patients that may have never used or heard of telemedicine before. For this reason, many believe that telemedicine is a modern invention. However, the concepts of telemedicine and remote patient care, as well as the need for it was recognized many years ago.

What started as a means to provide care to patients in remote or rural areas turned into a useful tool that helped many providers manage their patients during the COVID-19 state of emergency. With the new technologies available today at the palm of our hands, one would expect that telehealth is easily accessible to all, both patients and providers, regardless of their economic status and location.

However, the variable set-up costs and hidden fees for most telehealth applications have often created barriers for many solo practitioners and non-profit providers that may not have the same access to resources as large healthcare networks. 

With a belief that telehealth should be accessible to all providers, Vivadox offers a free standard plan. By offering affordable telemedicine platforms to providers, we can help provide cost-effective care to a broad spectrum of patients, including many underserved communities. 

There are no hidden requirements or fees – the standard offering is free. Unlike other platforms, we offer the same unlimited HD video and robust connectivity on a HIPAA compliant architecture across our free and paid plans.

Advanced plans that start at $25 a month per provider include in-app text and e-mail management, audio calls, appointment scheduling, non-insurance patient billing, and voice dictations for notes amongst many other conveniences.

Try our free plan today:

Vivadox is passionately innovating healthcare by utilizing the latest groundbreaking technologies to help healthcare providers deliver next-level patient care without breaking the bank.

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