New Feature Announcement: Appointment Scheduling

We are pleased to introduce a new feature that is now available on our platform – Appointment Scheduling. The new scheduler feature is designed to help optimize telemedicine workflow of small practices and increase convenience for both providers and the patients.

Enable scheduling feature and start managing your appointments on your dashboard. Add available appointment time slots. Allow your patients to request appointments directly from the Vivadox ribbon on your website. Manage pending appointment requests and your patients will automatically receive emails with updates and details regarding their appointments.

Vivadox Scheduling Feature allows you to:

  • Manage appointments without unnecessary phone calls with the patients.
  • Set your own availability: Create desired time slots with completely customizable times, dates, and durations.
  • Edit and Delete existing time slots.
  • Receive a notification email when a new appointment request has been submitted.
  • Approve or Decline appointments directly from the email without logging into Vivadox account.
  • Manage appointment requests and existing appointments directly from the dashboard.
  • Have automated emails to notify patients of approved, declined, and canceled appointments.

Benefits of Online Scheduling

Online scheduling provides a number of benefits for both you and your patients. Booking appointments via phone can be inconvenient for your patients. Online scheduling allows your patients to book their appointments efficiently, with full visibility of available appointment time slots for different times of the day and week. They can take their time to select an appointment that best fits their other obligations and schedules without holding up a staff member on the phone. In addition, online scheduling minimizes the risk of human error that can occur when trying to communicate multiple openings and patient’s availability. By having access to a booking system 24/7, patients can book their appointments whenever they wish, without having to worry about making a call to you during regular office hours. Consequentially, the time that your staff spends managing scheduling will be cut down, improving operational efficiency of your processes.

Getting Started with Scheduling Availability

Vivadox scheduling feature can be configured at an individual user level such that in a multi-provider organization, providers do not depend on one another to use this tool. Each provider can enable scheduling feature in their individual Account Settings. In addition to providers being able to manage their appointments, staff members can also manage creating time slots, confirming, and declining the appointments for the selected provider. 

To create the desired available time slots, simply use Appointments Tab in the middle section of your account dashboard. In this section, providers and staff members can add, edit, and delete available time slots that will be shown to the patients as well as manage patients’ appointment requests. 

Managing Patient Requests and Automated Email System

When a patient submits an appointment request, provider and staff can choose if they wish to approve or decline it. Additionally, every time a new appointment request is submitted, providers will receive an email from which they can use to approve or decline the request without having to log onto their Vivadox account. For declined appointments, provider or staff will be asked to provide a reason for declining the request. In case a provider needs to cancel a scheduled appointment, they will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation. 

Patients will receive emails with updates and details regarding their appointments. For an approved appointment, a patient will receive an email stating that their appointment has been confirmed and with details on how to join their appointment. For a declined appointment, patient will receive an email stating that their appointment has been declined with a reason for declination. If an appointment has been canceled due to any practice constraints or patient request, the patient will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

Getting patients to request appointments

Patients can access your availability schedule in one of two ways:

  • From the Vivadox ribbon on your website by clicking on “Book an Appointment”.
  • By clicking on “Book an Appointment” link on a Thank You page after a completed appointment.

Now that the patient is on the scheduling view, they will need to select a provider from a list in order to view appointments availability. They will be able to select the desired date for their appointment and view available time slots for the chosen date. After selecting the desired slot, a patient will provide the information needed to submit an appointment request and wait for the follow-up email from their provider.

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