Patient feedback on telehealth usage during COVID-19

In order to understand the impact of this sudden shift in telehealth usage due to COVID-19, the research team led by professionals from Mayo Clinic, ATA, DiMe, and other prestigious medical institutions have conducted an impact study focusing on three main areas of interest – telehealth insurance claims, direct physician feedback, and direct patient feedback.

We have previously covered the key findings from physicians and claims study findings. You can read
more on the links below:

The continued Telehealth impact study gives us insight into the experiences of 2,007 patients across the U.S. that have used telehealth services during the pandemic. The survey asked questions that covered key areas of patient care. Overall, the survey responses show positive patient experiences with the
telehealth interactions:

The majority of the patients (81%) felt that telehealth provided them with a sense of access and
continuity of care.
A high percentage (78%) of patients felt their health concerns could be addressed via telehealth.
76% of patients indicated that telehealth removed transportation as a barrier.
Most of the patients (79%) found it easy to use the technology required for their telehealth visit.

Based on the study findings, the predictions are that the patients are likely to choose telehealth visits
when possible, to receive healthcare services.

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