Telemedicine beyond COVID

While 2020 was uniquely challenging for the collective world, the human spirit responded the way it usually does – digging deep, being resourceful and innovating to beat the odds. We saw our frontline workers take care of us notwithstanding the little personal protection that they could access, vaccines developed and distributed in record timelines and we all adapted to new virtual ways of working & accessing services to keep the economy going.

Telemedicine that was languishing as a peripheral option was also thrust into the mainstream and most of us have had the opportunity to meet with our healthcare providers virtually at least once this past year. In a statement issued last week by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) recognizing that “Where telehealth and other remote access technologies were once a matter of convenience, the public health emergency made them a matter of safety for many beneficiaries.”

We are also seeing a number of studies & surveys that are indicating the speeding up of Digital Transformation efforts across the board and specifically in healthcare. COVID has proven the value of Telemedicine as a quick, easy and safe option for patients. Continued improvements in adoption is dependent on healthcare providers transitioning to a dual model balance of in-patient and convenient virtual visits. Such a balance improves the chance of compliance with treatment plans and thus outcomes. Lawmakers need to provide payment parity for Telehealth. It allows us to take one more meaningful step towards outcomes-based healthcare payment systems.

Vivadox is proud to be part of the solution and continues to add features and functions that allow healthcare providers to improve their telemedicine services. With the recent introduction of its Free Standard plan, an increasing number of providers can innovate in extending virtual care services to their patients without worrying about cost barriers.

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