Is Telemedicine expensive?

Telemedicine used to be onerous and expensive earlier and restricted to specific scenarios of treatment when it was not possible for the patient to be seen in-person. The patient also needed to be in certain approved locations for the Telemedicine session to be recognized by payers. However, with the widespread availability and affordability of digital connectivity and devices, Telemedicine becomes a very affordable technology for healthcare providers to introduce as a convenient option for their patients. has “zero” startup costs for healthcare providers and competitive pricing plans to help them implement a successful Telemedicine program. With continuous progress in both coverage and payment parity made across all payers, Telemedicine is an attractive way for healthcare providers to expand their revenue opportunities.

Family doctor online.Parents and a child consult a doctor using a laptop at home.

For patients, Telemedicine does not cost them any more than an in-person visit. It saves them time and money by avoiding the commute. It is also less disruptive to their personal and professional work schedules resulting in greater patient engagement. Telemedicine is also safer for patients minimizing any chances for cross infections from other patients in the waiting rooms.

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