What is Telemedicine?

Build relationship with Patients by using Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology between patients and healthcare professionals for the purposes of health evaluations leading to diagnosis and treatment. Perceived earlier as an alternative solution to situations where in-person patient visit was not possible or difficult, Telemedicine today is being smartly incorporated into models of integrated virtual care. Telemedicine in increasingly being used for follow-ups, for timely adjustments of treatment plans, medications, and management of chronic diseases and conditions.

Telemedicine had its origins as a means to treat remote patients in rural places. However, with exponential growth in digital connectivity, affordable access to mobile devices for audio/video communications and consumer preference for digital access to products and services, Telemedicine and Telemedicine-based healthcare models are expected to become increasingly mainstream in healthcare services and programs.

Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction by providing flexible, convenient, and frequent access to care.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the positive Telemedicine benefits of minimizing infections and contagion by using Telemedicine for routine visits. In recognition of those benefits, CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) introduced guidelines to make increased widespread use of Telemedicine possible since March 2020.

There are a large number of Telemedicine software providers. Some Telemedicine companies provide access to healthcare service providers on their platform others provide Telemedicine software solutions that healthcare practices and hospital systems can use to provide patients access to their providers virtually. Vivadox.life specifically provides Telemedicine software solutions to enable healthcare service providers – solo, small & large physician practices/clinics and hospital systems – offer Telemedicine capabilities to their patients.

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