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At Vivadox, we constantly strive to understand the needs of our customers and help them provide excellent patient care remotely. Based on the feedback we received from our valued customers, we have carefully designed new features that will help optimize telemedicine workflows and increase convenience for both providers and patients. We are pleased to introduce some of our latest features that are now available on our platform.

Notes Transcription

Tired of typing appointment notes after completing interaction with the patient? Try Notes Transcription feature that allows providers to dictate notes that are simultaneously transcribed into writing. Many providers face tight and unpredictable schedules with back-to-back appointments and carving out the time to complete patient notes or reports often seems impossible. Using notes transcription in your daily routine can help you manage your time more efficiently by allowing you to get the information down without having to sit down and type it. Since this process does not take a lot of time, you can dictate notes while preparing for the next patient, with the information from your previous appointment still fresh in your mind. Captured notes can be saved and copied into the patient record in EHR for future use.

Online Payments

As an improvement to our appointment scheduling system, we have introduced online payments integration, allowing you to charge your patients for telemedicine visits. This capability is a great way to collect copays during the follow-ups with your existing patients without having you or your staff members spend unnecessary time on the phone collecting payment information. In addition, this feature allows providers to collect payments for any kind of virtual consultation that may not be billable to conventional insurance plans including second consultations and concierge medicine fees. 

Payments Dashboard

If you opt to use online payments through Vivadox appointment scheduling system, the Payments dashboard will be your frequent stop. The dashboard is designed to give you valuable insight into your telemedicine earnings. Through the dashboard, practice administrators have full visibility of overall earnings, while each provider has visibility of their performance. This tool gives an overview of important performance parameters including total net earnings, number of billable sessions, and cancellation rates.

By regularly reviewing the data, providers can better understand the trends and performance of the practice, allowing them to see what is going well and what needs to be improved. With the ability to go into the details of individual patient visits and filter the data based on different parameters (ex. view data for a particular month), providers can utilize the data to make important business calls.

Express Connect

Express Connect is a quick way for providers to get online with patients instantaneously. This feature provides great patient convenience considering that it takes only one click on the link in a text message or an email to connect with the provider. It is an excellent tool for patients that have a difficult time connecting to their telemedicine appointments in the traditional way to get most of the telemedicine benefits. With express connect, providers do not need to worry about their less tech-savvy patients not being able to use the telemedicine option. At the same time, the patients do not need to be stressed or frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to get online with their providers. 

Have any features you would like to see on Vivadox? Let us know by submitting a request in our Request New Feature Forum

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